Embrace the showers of South India

There is nothing quite as magical as South India in the monsoon.

With majestic skies, cooling winds, and the earthy smell of fresh rain abound, these months are truly the best time to visit India. On this guide to South India, we walk you through some of the most unique luxury experiences that you cannot miss on your travels.

Embrace the showers of South India

Beginning with the gem of the South, known as God's own country- Kerala. The Kerala rains do nothing to wash away its beauty. In fact, it enhances it. As the clouds gather over the backwater, let's take a stroll through Kumarakom Lake Resort.

A luxury resort in the Kumarakom backwaters, find everything you need to embrace the monsoon in utmost comfort. From lounging in plush surroundings to taking in the views, enjoying our incredible restaurants to unwinding at our Ayurvedic spa, the options are endless.

The latter is especially recommended as a must-do activity in Kerala, with centuries of Ayurvedic healing under the state's belt. The soothing sounds of the rain paired with the fact that the body responds best to Ayurveda in the rainy weather of June. Offering a range of treatments, Ayurmana, the Ayurvedic healing centre at Kumarakom Lake Resort, is a 200-year old heritage 'Nalukettu' building moved in its entirety and still functioning as a place of Ayurvedic practice as it has been for centuries. Our in-house Ayurvedic doctor and trained specialists are always nearby should you require a day of relaxation during your monsoon getaway.

Embrace the showers of South India

Do enjoy a warm cup of traditional tea, chayya, or coffee, kapi, and traditional snacks at our Thattukada. And finally, make sure you don't miss the sight of the rolling clouds over the beautiful lake on your stay with us and enjoy a dip in our stunning Infinity Pool when you get the urge to feel at one with the skies and water!

Another can't miss destination in the rainy season is Fort Cochin! In the heart of Kochi city is a sunny port town that echoes of times gone by. A beautiful historic area full of tourist destinations, heritage sites, art exhibitions, beaches and many many more attractions, Fort Cochin is a sight to behold and Forte Kochi offers the perfect abode from which to behold it.

Embrace the showers of South India

Tranquil with the city a quick drive away, offering sunshine and drizzle in equal amounts, a pool and even an incredible in-house restaurant, Forte Kochi has as much character as it does ambiance.

Another gem in the crown of South India, especially for those travelling in the months of June and July, is Coorg.

Coorg Wilderness Resort

Perched on the beautiful hills of Madikeri is Coorg Wilderness Resort, a luxury experience that brings you to the very doorstep of nature. Monsoon at the resort features a fairytale mist enveloping the hills, and the sweet songs of birds filling the air as you step out on your own private balcony to take in the sights.

Make sure you also pay a visit to our luxury spa, Nikaay, during your stay.

With a wide variety of massage treatments, yoga and beauty rituals and the mantra of 'Pause. Focus. Be Mindful', Nikaay offers all our guests the perfect place to relax at a spa nearby. Not to mention our several in-house activities at the resort, from adventure sports to unique experiences that will take you close to the wilderness of Coorg and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The monsoon truly brings out the beauty of the hills, making for the perfect weather to travel and explore as well as allowing for some beautiful shots of the sky for an Instagram-worthy capture! So if you are planning a trip to Coorg, we strongly recommend making your booking for when the heavens are open with their blessings!

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